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Make friends Geelong. Meet people, start friendships & expand your social circle in Geelong.

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Make friends : Geelong

Meet people & find new friends in Geelong.
A simple, safe & free site for people to make new friends in Geelong,
the Surf Coast, Corio Bay & the Bellarine Peninsula.
There are many reasons why people use websites to find friends.
Sometimes people have recently moved and have not met many people yet,
perhaps they have been away for a while only to find all their friends have moved away,
gotten married, divorced, had children or the opposite!
"I've used the site a couple of times now to find new friends and had a very positive result each time.

I'm organising to meet several new people from the ad I placed a few weeks ago and when I used the site back in July I got a huge range of responses!

I particularly like the fact we can chat on the site without having to give personal details as I feel much safer and more confident with the process that way.

All in all, a fantastic experience and I recommend the Exchange website to anyone looking to find new friends!


Tips : Find new friends

• Don’t be shy - Use a picture!
• Sharing your age, sex & occupation when looking for friendship may encourage more suitable responses
• Beware of inviting or accepting invites from complete strangers to social media
• Say a little about yourself so people will know if you share common interests & activities which might form the basis of a genuine friendship with like-minded people
• Use the secure mail. Get to know & trust the other party before revealing direct contact info
• Play it safe! Never publically display a direct ph no or email address
• Don’t apologise! Finding friends on website is the new norm & has many advantages over pubs & clubs!
"I advertised to make new friends.

I give this site five stars!


Use commonsense

Exchange Classifieds attempts to identify, reject and bar fraudulent submissions and protect legitimate users as possible but it is important to always apply commonsense and vigilance. Be wary of people using nonsensical expressions and very flowery language that does not appear to relate to what your ad said and directing you to their private freebie mail address in the first contact. Just delete and report such contacts.
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